Das Geburtstagsfest - Making of

The photo, which I used for this painting, was taken by my father on July 23, 1962 on the occasion of my fourth birthday. The image sequence shows seven steps from the underpainting to the final image.

The Pond by Karl A. Meyer
"The Birthdayparty" - Making of © KAM 2016

The Pond

"The Pond" is an installation of nine snow-white origami ships that were placed around the Stork house by Terunobu Fujimori. It is a reference to the installation "A ship is coming" and refers to the ongoing crisis around the refugees in the Mediterranean. The installation was shown during the World Reporters meeting in Raiding.

The Pond by Karl A. Meyer
"The Pond" - Installation by Karl A. Meyer in front of the "Stork House" by Terunobu Fujimori in Raiding. © KAM 2016

Ein Schiff wird kommen

"A ship will come" is an installation of a thousand clay boats that I have made over the summer months in Raiding. It is located in an old farmhouse, also built of clay and lime. The installation refers to the ongoing tragedy at the gates of Europe. Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, former EU's High Representative, held the speech.

Ein Schiff wird kommen by Karl A. Meyer
"A ship will come" - Installation by Karl A. Meyer in Raiding. © KAM 2016

ORF Report on the exhibition "Hidden / Hidden":

Errection of the "Birdman"

The Birdman is a 3.5 m high aluminum sculpture made in the Gogarte foundry in the Canton of Ticino. It was erected in autumn 2015 as a permanent installation at the village entrance of Raiding (birthplace of Franz Liszt).

Birdman in Raiding by Karl A. Meyer
"Birdman" - Installation by Karl A. Meyer in Raiding. © KAM 2016

Installation of "I and I" und "The Smile "

The sculpture "I and I" was inaugurated in June 2016 in Giubiascho, Switzerland.

Cloud of Humanity

Since 2001, I have been working on the Cloud of Humanity . Today the installation consists of over 15,000 clay figures. After countless exhibitions at home and abroad, the "Menschenwolke" can now be seen for a few months in Austrian Raiding, together with the work of the renowned Japanese architect Hiroshi Hara. (Catalog available)

Cloud of Humanity by Karl A. Meyer
"Menschenwolke (Cloud of humanity)" - Installation by Karl A. Meyer in Raiding. © KAM 2016

New Homepage online

Today we launched our new Homepage.

Video about the clay figures in the "Cloud od Humanity"

A sequence of the first 500 clay figures from the "Cloud of Humanity"